Many of Redstone’s business relationships evolved from their representation of clients in the prestigious, thoroughbred racing industry. Redstone’s contacts in the thoroughbred industry are also involved in many of the world’s most prominent businesses. Redstone offers its advisory services to work with clients in many of these areas. In addition to advisory services involving oil and gas, mining and minerals and equine services, Redstone’s property acquisition, development, and construction services work with U.S. regional banks and private investors to restructure and complete troubled real estate projects.



Oil & Gas

Redstone’s energy affiliate, Redstone Energy Partners, advises on and facilitates global crude oil and natural gas transactions.

Mining & Minerals

Redstone Capital serves in an advisory capacity for the acquisition of global mining properties.


Redstone Capital serves in an advisory capacity for international thoroughbred transactions including the sale of equine operations and bloodstock transactions for a global client base.

Real Estate Acquisition and Development

Redstone Capital has successfully worked with U.S. banks to salvage value from real estate projects held in their troubled debt portfolios. Redstone’s ability to acquire and complete these projects through their site development and construction capability allows for the greatest possible recovery by banks and other investors holding these assets.

Residential Homebuilding

Centrust Capital Homes, Redstone’s construction unit, completes residential homebuilding projects acquired from U.S. regional banks and other investors with troubled debt portfolios.